THE PULSE and GREAT LAKES TILAPIA sign strategic commercial agreement for the improvement of food security in Rwanda

THE PULSE news – Kigali, May 9, 2022

THE PULSE, a managed network of rural centers for business, services and leisure, with the mission to connect and transform the micro-economies of rural by establishing managed centers at the last mile, today announced a partnership with GREAT LAKES TILAPIA LTD (RWANDA), a Rwandan based market leader, specialized in the production of fish products.

THE PULSE establishes a physical platform for complementary products and services across the needs of rural African communities, fostering synergies to boost each of THE PULSE partners’ revenues. In the pilot phase THE PULSE will establish 5 centers that provide food distribution and food security, sustainable access to water, retail & wholesale, finance, health, water, agriculture, leisure & entertainment, and other.

According to USAID, in Rwanda 38% of children suffer from chronic malnutrition and 37% suffer from anemia. One of the principal missions of THE PULSE Rwanda is to distribute food in order to increase food security and decrease malnutrition in the rural population. By delivering locally produced, healthy and affordable fish, which is rich in fatty acids that are considered to be “good fats”, we can deliver a sustainable product that delivers huge health benefits. This is why we are especially proud to announce our partnership with GREAT LAKES TILAPIA, which sets out to be the pioneer in large scale commercial aquaculture in Rwanda.

Great Lakes Tilapia Ltd (Rwanda) aims to sustainably produce 9 – 12 million nutritious meals per year, delivered in various forms (chilled, frozen, smoked and dried fish) and through this cooperation, thanks to our logistics capacity and last mile cold chain technology, together we aim to distribute those valuable products through our THE PULSE centers close to the consumers. We will also cooperate in the field of solar power, aiming to construct and operate the first floating solar farm system in Rwanda to enable the operation of their onshore and offshore farm with green energy.

Boris Civieta, Founder and Director of THE PULSE commented: “The agreement with GREAT LAKES TILAPIA is our first collaboration with a Rwandese organization, so we are especially proud to cooperate with them as an integral part of ensuring the distribution of affordable, healthy and locally produced food items through our network of THE PULSE centers, thus becoming an important cornerstone to secure food security across rural Rwanda.

Dr Dennis Karangwa, CO-Founder and CEO of Great Lakes Tilapia Ltd (Rwanda) had this to say: “We at Great Lakes Tilapia Ltd (Rwanda) “GLT” are super excited to partner with a company that we share with similar impact investment goals and objectives. GLT is about rural development, improving rural smallholder farmer incomes, alleviating rural poverty, gender mainstreaming and youth empowerment. We plan to work hard to meet THE PULSE (RWANDA)’S requirements of scaling-up rural nutrition and food security by targeting our outgrow fish products to meet their rural and peri-urban needs, in terms of harvest weight and cost affordability. GLT plans to feed millions of people with high protein diets, in Rwanda and the Great Lakes Region in general, and export regionally and internationally. GLT has a strategic plan to make Rwanda a net fish exporter in ten years. Rural Aquaculture Development is about partnerships. This is an exciting time heading into the future”


THE PULSE is a concept to establish physical partner platforms at the last mile in Sub-Sahara Africa to connect and transform the micro-economies of currently underserved rural BoP communities. In partnership with Solarkiosk Solutions GmbH as the Technical Advisor, THE PULSE Rwanda Ltd. was founded as the first subsidiary of a Pan-African expansion strategy. It aims to operate an initial network of 69 Centers in Rwanda which will host local, national and international partners who offer tailored products, services and innovative solutions in the fields of agriculture, finance, health, leisure and entertainment, retail and wholesale, water, as well as other sectors.


GREAT LAKES TILAPIA is planned to be the pioneer in large – scale commercial aquaculture in Rwanda and the Great Lakes Region. The Farm is designed to integrate Rwandan resources with global leading, sustainable aquaculture practices. The Farm is being developed by Great Lakes Tilapia Ltd (Rwanda), a company founded in 2021 by Rwandans together with international partners. The strategy is for GREAT LAKES TILAPIA to be the leading and large farm in East Africa and much of sub-Saharan Africa. Starting at a modest production capacity of about 3,300 Mt/Annum (Live Weight Equivalent) of Tilapia Fish, the Farm is designed to grow progressively to about 16,500 Mt/Annum by 2032.