THE PULSE Rwanda Ltd. and EcoPhi sign a strategic agreement for the sustainability of THE PULSE Centers

THE PULSE news – Kigali, June 27, 2022

THE PULSE Rwanda Ltd., a Rwanda based company that will manage a network of rural centers for business, services & leisure at the last mile (“THE PULSE Centers”), with the mission to connect and transform the micro-economies of rural Bottom-of-the-Pyramid (BoP) communities, announced today a partnership with EcoPhi, a Germany based company that focuses on remote monitoring of solar and irrigation systems with the goal to make off-grid solar and water supply systems in rural areas more sustainable.

THE PULSE Centers represent a physical partner platform at the last mile for providers of complementary products and services across the needs of rural African communities. The platform fosters synergies between the partners and reduces the cost of ownership and the cost of operations of each player at the Centers to boost their revenues. In the pilot phase THE PULSE Rwanda Ltd. will establish 5 Centers that provide clean cooking solutions, food distribution & food security, sustainable access to water, retail & wholesale, finance, health, agriculture, leisure & entertainment, and other.

THE PULSE Centers will be located in remote areas where technical and management challenges are particularly relevant in regards to potential M&O costs. In order to ensure the uninterrupted functionality of THE PULSE Centers, EcoPhi’s system will be used to monitor the technical components (such as the solar system). The system immediately detects technical problems so that the M&O teams can solve those quickly to reduce the cost of blackouts at the Centers.
The collected data will help to gain insights into the (energy) use so that THE PULSE can draw conclusions on the activity at the Centers, in particular about the productive use of energy.

Boris Civieta, Founder and General Manager of THE PULSE Rwanda Ltd., commented: “We are extremely happy that we have been able to gain EcoPhi as a partner at THE PULSE. Operating at the last mile is a high OPEX business; the ability to monitor the Centers remotely by using real-time data, assuring reliability of the Centers’ infrastructure for our tenants and partners, and to reduce technical interventions to the absolute minimum is one of the key factors of economic success.”

Sebastian Zenz, CEO of EcoPhi, commented: “We are happy to be part of this amazing project as we are convinced that THE PULSE Centers will contribute largely to serve local communities in a holistic way. With our remote monitoring systems made for the use in rural areas, we can contribute to the sustainability of the systems as well as the impact analyses.”


THE PULSE is a concept to establish physical partner platforms at the last mile in Sub-Sahara Africa to connect and transform the micro-economies of currently underserved rural BoP communities. In partnership with Solarkiosk Solutions GmbH as the Technical Advisor, THE PULSE Rwanda Ltd. was founded as the first subsidiary of a Pan-African expansion strategy. It aims to operate an initial network of 69 Centers in Rwanda which will host local, national and international partners who offer tailored products, services and innovative solutions in the fields of agriculture, finance, health, leisure and entertainment, retail and wholesale, water, as well as other sectors.

About EcoPhi

EcoPhi is a Germany based company specialized in all-in-one monitoring and control solutions for solar, water and agriculture. Therefore, they have developed high-quality, robust and flexible IoT systems for challenging and harsh environments. The modular systems can efficiently monitor and control both small and simple as well as large and complex factories and production plants. Sophisticated and easy-to-install boxes, matching sensors and our online platform enable you to facilitate the operation of your factories and production plants and reduce costs. Our solutions are suitable for operators, NGOs, installers and manufacturers.