THE PULSE and eWAKA Sign Strategic Commercial Agreement for e-mobility

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THE PULSE and eWAKA Sign Strategic Commercial Agreement for E-mobility

eWAKA to Initially Provide Electric Vehicles to Five of ‘THE PULSE Centers’ with a Phased Roll Out to Reach all 69 Planned Centers

Kigali, Rwanda — April 20, 2022 THE PULSE, a managed Network of Rural Centers for Business, Services and Leisure, with the mission to connect and transform the micro-economies of rural Bottom-of-the-Pyramid (BoP) communities to break the poverty trap by establishing managed centers at the last mile, today announced that the Company has signed a commercial agreement with eWAKA, Africa’s new market entrant, that is spearheading sustainable mobility options to enhance the region’s economic prospects.

THE PULSE targets to combine complementary products and services across the needs of such communities to create synergies in order to boost each of THE PULSE partners income. In the pilot phase the company will establish 5 centers that will host local, national & international third parties so that they can provide to underserved populations products, services & innovative solutions in the fields of mobility and others, such as retail & wholesale, finance, health, water, agriculture, leisure & entertainment.

eWAKA will provide electric vehicle options and also offer financing options, maintenance services and deliver robust IT capabilities to support THE PULSE Center customers’ transportation management efforts for these five centers of THE PULSE Centers. After the pilot phase, THE PULSE and eWAKA will, according to the roll-out plan, provide their combines services across 69 rural THE PULSE centers.

Boris Civieta, Founder and Director of THE PULSE commented: “The signed agreement with eWAKA represents another significant milestone for THE PULSE as we look to completely transform the existing 69 Solarkiosk E-HUBBs into full-service centers offering rural communities much sought after critical services.  THE PULSE Centers will create job and skills training opportunities for the local population as well.  Once the transformation process of the existing 69 E-HUBBs is completed, we will manage a network of rural centers for business, services, and leisure across Rwanda.  This accomplishment allows us to expand to other African countries as we look to harness solar power to fuel rural economic development.”

Commenting on the signing, Celeste Vogel, Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer & General Counsel of eWAKA said: “eWAKA is incredibly pleased to sign our first strategic commercial agreement.  Strategic commercial agreements like THE PULSE agreement allow eWAKA to aggressively scale our operations by entering new market segments while minimizing our financing exposure to fund our growth.  THE PULSE’s mission to support rural communities is completely aligned with eWAKA’s sustainable response to the specific transport and delivery challenges of ‘the last mile.’ Through our combined offering, we will bring much needed services to these rural communities, who are underserved at present.”


THE PULSE is a pan-African network of subsidiaries under an international holding (THE PULSE Holding Ltd.) with strong, long-term partnerships with companies and organizations of all crucial sectors. The Company’s mission is to connect and transform the micro-economies of rural communities to break the poverty trap by establishing managed centers at the last retail mile. In partnership with Solarkiosk, the Company is establishing an initial network of 69 centers in Rwanda by transforming existing E-HUBBs into full-service centers.  These centers are being branded THE PULSE Centers and will host local, national, and international third parties who will provide to underserved local populations products, services and innovative solutions in the fields of agriculture, finance, health, leisure and entertainment, retail and wholesale, water, as well as other sectors.  

About eWAKA

eWAKA is spearheading sustainable mobility to enhance Africa’s economic prospects by harnessing the power of electric vehicles. eWAKA’s services address frustrating and disruptive mobility experiences by offering a sustainable solution that will increase connectivity, improve efficiencies and offer safe, environmentally friendly transportation. eWAKA offers multiple customer segments electric vehicle mobility options that decrease pollution such as greenhouse gases, Co2 and noise, while providing compelling affordability through low electricity prices as compared to fuel; off grid solar power system solutions and overall low maintenance costs. In 2022, eWAKA’s strategic development plans include establishing an African production facility to assemble components of the highest standards provided by international manufacturing partners.