THE PULSE and DGridEnergy join forces for agricultural and economical improvement through solar powered cooling in Rwanda

THE PULSE news – Kigali, July 14, 2022

THE PULSE Rwanda Ltd., a Rwanda based company that will manage a network of rural centers for business, services & leisure at the last mile “THE PULSE Centers”, with the mission to connect and transform the micro-economies of rural Bottom-of-the-Pyramid (BoP) communities, announced today a partnership with DGridEnergy LLC “DGridEnergy, a U.S. company registered in Rwanda as DGridEnergy-Rwanda that focuses on manufacturing off-grid, solar-powered, modular and expandable walk-in  freezers, refrigeration and chiller systems for temperature sensitive products.

THE PULSE Centers represent a physical partner platform at the last mile for providers of complementary products and services across the needs of rural African communities. The platform fosters synergies between the partners and reduces the cost of ownership and the cost of operations of each player at the Centers to boost their revenues. In the pilot phase THE PULSE Rwanda Ltd. will establish 5 Centers that provides solutions and technologies for agriculture, food distribution & food security, clean cooking solutions, cold chain, sustainable access to water, retail & wholesale, finance, health, leisure & entertainment, and other.

The lack of infrastructure and inadequate storage are main contributors to post-harvest losses in Sub-Saharan Africa, which are estimated to be at a value of US $ 4 billion annually, which would be enough to feed over 48 million people for one year. Losses of fruits, vegetables and root crops can reach up to 50%. A simple but effective method to reduce such post-harvest losses significantly, enable safe distribution of vaccines and other critical medical supplies throughout developing countries will increase food security, health, income and overall well-being of communities.

This is why DGridEnergy will provide its Solar Cool Cube cold storage technology within the 5 THE PULSE centers during the pilot phase, to provide cooling as a service with its affordable cold storage solutions to the community, to THE PULSE and also to other partners within THE PULSE.

After the pilot phase, THE PULSE and DGridEnergy will, according to the roll-out plan, provide their combined services across 69 rural THE PULSE Centers. THE PULSE will provide 24/7 renewable energy supply to power the cold storage solutions and offer DGridEnergy its full-serviced premises to be able and run the operations at minimum cost. DGridEnergy also can enjoy THE PULSE’s reliable and shared supply chain and profit of the unique synergies between all THE PULSE partners.


THE PULSE is a concept to establish physical partner platforms at the last mile in Sub-Sahara Africa to connect and transform the micro-economies of currently underserved rural BoP communities. In partnership with Solarkiosk Solutions GmbH as the Technical Advisor, THE PULSE Rwanda Ltd. was founded as the first subsidiary of a Pan-African expansion strategy. It aims to operate an initial network of 69 Centers in Rwanda which will host local, national and international partners who offer tailored products, services and innovative solutions in the fields of agriculture, finance, health, leisure and entertainment, retail and wholesale, water, as well as other sectors.

About DGridEnergy

DGridEnergy is a USA based company whose products are deployed in Zambia, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania and the United States. Its technology is used to cool and ripen bananas, chill milk and to prevent post -harvest loss of crops.

DGridEnergy Rwanda  is addressing the issue of post-harvest loss of small holder farmers in Rwanda. Through the use of the Solar Cool Cube technology, the company is working to provide cold chain solutions with Solar Cool Cube products such as the Solar Cool Cube walk-in refrigeration system, its solar milk chiller, solar ice maker, solar post-harvest lost wash station. It products are modular, expandable, energy efficient, shipped flat and installed locally to create enterprise and employment for local men and women.