Partner platform

THE PULSE as a partner platform

Today, there is a broad range of companies, NGO’s and public sector actors with innovative products and services that target crucial needs of last mile communities in critical sectors such as agricultural machinery, products & services, mobility & transport solutions, renewable energy solutions, quality & affordable consumer goods, access to safe drinking water, access to finance solutions, lifesaving healthcare solutions, and many others.

Today, all of these innovative organizations unfold only a fraction of their potential input, as they all are acting on their own. Additionally, unit economics are challenging because revenue streams are limited and do not cover expensive path-to-market strategies for just one product/service.

THE PULSE targets to combine complementary products and services across many sectors and create synergies in order to boost each of these providers’ income far more than by each venture operating separately. The synergies of THE PULSE Centers as a partner platform derive from reduced CAPEX for each participating partner to access the last mile (reduced cost of ownership) and shared cost of operations (e.g., for stock audits, cash collection, supply chain, central provisioning of energy, connectivity, etc.).

THE PULSE benefits

Organizations can penetrate those last growth markets through THE PULSE platform with the following benefits:

Critical sectors for partnerships

Agriculture & Food

THE PULSE and its agriculture partners aim to improve agricultural activities in its target communities through:

  • Quality and affordable input products (such as seeds) and services (such as crop price information and weather forecast) to enable farming communities;
  • Distribution and rental of (serviced) technology, tools and machinery (such as tractors or irrigation systems) to increase harvest yields;
  • Technology to decrease post-harvest losses and increase distributed preprocessing of agricultural output, such as cold storage technology, grain mills, etc.;
  • And through its own supply chain, THE PULSE builds market linkages and improves the value chain for smallholder farmers.aggregation, storage, cooling, pre-processing and linking local farmers to national and international markets.

Berlin, Germany

Solar Cooling technologies has since 2017 been producing and delivering solar powered cooling solutions, mainly for sub-Saharan Africa. Development and production are based in Berlin, carried out by working partnerships with several specialized companies.

Kibuye, Rwanda

Great Lakes Tilapia Farm is planned to be the pioneer in large – scale commercial aquaculture in Rwanda and the Great Lakes Region. The Farm is designed to integrate Rwandan resources and global leading, sustainable aquaculture practices. Great Lakes Tilapia future expansion phases will meet the needs of more millions of happy repeat customers.

Gujarat, India

NuTrade Global is a company based in India. NuTrade Global is widely involved in the research and design of various sustainable innovative products. One of the Product that is very suitable for agricultural community is solar food dryers. This solar food dryers are immensely helpful to agricultural communities to preserve their produce for long run. The basic objective of this product is to made agricultural communities to stand alone with their own strength because it solely works on solar. This solar food dryers are very much helpful in drying of Cassava, jack fruit, coffee beans, seeds etc. 
NuTrade Global will be happily sharing some insightful information on solar food dryers to The Pulse by implementing Solar Food dryers in the pulse centers to directly benefit last-mile communities.

Berlin, Germany

IrrigationNets: Seawater cooling for salt-free cooling and humidity in photovoltaic greenhouses.
Other companies in the group of companies around IrrigationNets are:
DRY-Solar: Low cost fruit drying photovoltaic systems.
Flower-Power: Water harvesting + Water Storage + Flood prevention + Erosion control with solar systems.
ewind Betreiber- und Vertriebs- GmbH distributes various agri-photovoltaic systems.

Kigali, Rwanda

DGridEnergy is the premier cold chain solutions provider and maker of the Solar Cool Cube. The Solar Cool Cube is a modular, expandable and solar powered walk-in refrigeration system. The Solar Cool Cube can freeze, refrigerate and chill temperature sensitive products. It can reach a temperature of -40F and above. It is able to moved 5 times and can be expanded to hold produce, meat, fish, flowers, vaccines, medicines, loved ones, and other temperature sensitive products.

Clean water

The clean Water Partner will be installing water treatment units on a dedicated space to provide the community with purified, safe and clean drinking water.

Berlin, Germany

Boreal Light GmbH is a Berlin based company specialized on renewable energy solution for water treatment facilities. The company designs and manufactures affordable solar water desalination systems for off-grid communities around the globe. Systems manufactured by Boreal Light are capable of delivering high quality hygiene drinking, irrigation, fish farm and sanitation water from any kind of high saline and polluted water resources.


The connectivity partner implements the technology on THE PULSE plot, offers connectivity services to THE PULSE partners and the general population. The solar system implemented on the plot provides stable and reliable 24/7 power to the tower.


The e-mobility partner provides e-vehicles (bicycles, tricycles, motorbikes) that will be rented, leased or sold to local entrepreneurs who are using the vehicles to transport goods and people between THE PULSE Centers and the catchment area.

Nairobi, Kenya

Ewaka is a company specialized in offering

Berlin, Germany

Anywhere.Africa designs and makes a range of e-bikes that deliver people, goods and services along the transport infrastructure of Africa as it exists right now.
Our e-bikes, e-cargo bikes and e-bike taxis are outputted from local micro-factories where they are welded and assembled and then sold and serviced via a franchise business model.
This de-centralised production means A.A  bikes are made in Africa and  the businesses are African owned.
We make vehicles for 21st century Africa.
Forget Roads    Forget Fossil    Deliver Anywhere

Education, Training & Capacity building

Partners provide innovative, adapted learning solutions to individuals, organizations, and institutions and deliver capacity development.

Financial services

Financial partners offer adapted banking services (such as savings accounts and loans) and/or (micro) insurances (e.g., for agriculture or health).

Fast Moving Consumer Goods "FMCG"

The partners add their product range to the retail and/or wholesale business operated by THE PULSE to penetrate new markets at low cost of operations, to extend their reach of distribution and learn more about their customer base at the last mile. Partners can rent shelf or advertising space.


Healthcare partners provide relevant products, offer treatments (such as first aid or midwifery) with referral to the nearest hospital if needed, and offer specialized solutions (such as eyeglasses, etc.).

Kisumu, Kenya

We are an accredited pharmaceutical company that sell and distribute medical products and equipment. We are a pharmaceutical company registered and operating in Kenya. We are fully owned by Kenyans and operate from Kisumu as the headquarters. We sell pharmaceutical products and equipment, distribute medical equipment to our esteemed customers that include ordinary patients ,doctors and hospitals and NGOs.

Our team of dedicated and qualified staff offer professional consultations, timely delivery and customer care. Thus, quality health is guaranteed.

Power provider

Partner installs solar power infrastructure and provides energy to THE PULSE partners as the anchor clients and with the potential to provide to the community.

Gujarat, India

Nu-Solar Infracon has been a front-runner in selling and developing high-quality products that run on cost-friendly solar energy. Their solar products are custom designed by our own team of experts to meet the needs of the clients. The business scope of the company covers solar project investment, EPC, Project design, installation, O&M. Based in their experience of building and operating solar power systems, Nu-Solar Infracon will be also installing round the clock solar-powered energy generation units combined with battery backup for uninterrupted power supply to THE PULSE and later extend these services to THE PULSE communities to remove darkness from their life.

Kigali, Rwanda

East African Power (EAP) is an integrated renewable energy development and engineering company delivering affordable and reliable clean energy solutions. We are a long-term, social-impact-oriented IPP business developing, designing, building, and operating hydro and solar power plants in Africa.

Through innovation, environmental and social stewardship, EAP will develop 1 GW of renewable energy by 2030

Solar Home Systems (SHS)

Solar Home System providers can offer their solar powered Solar Home System products and services (such as “Pay As You Go”, (PAYG)) to penetrate new markets at low cost of operations, given that the catchment area is pulled to THE PULSE Centers instead of SHS partners having to be present at each last mile village.

Berlin, Germany

Solarworx provides a new generation of solar home systems for off-grid households and businesses. Our goal is to foster the global energy transition and connect the 1.2 billion people living without access to electricity around the world.

Nairobi, Kenya

INNO-NEAT is a company focused on repurposing used lithium-ion cells into Solar Ready batteries, lowering total cost of ownership for battery based storage solution, protect the environment.

Clean cooking

THE PULSE and its partners distributes clean cooking solutions (such as energy efficient cooking stoves and briquettes made from farm waste), in order to have alternatives to communities available, aiming to replace the widely common practices of cooking with firewood and / or charcoal.

We also will install Bio gas system on THE PULSE that turns organic waste into cooking gas, powering the restaurant and other facilities, with the aim to:

Miele has been an independent family-owned company since its establishment in 1899 and is equally committed to its owners, employees, customers, suppliers, the environment and society.
The company focus is on manufacturing domestic appliances for the kitchen, the laundry room and for floor care, as well as machines for use in commercial operations and medical facilities (“Miele Professional”). The strategic vision is to be the world’s most trusted and desirable premium brand.
Miele offers products to its customers that set the standards for durability, performance, ease of use, energy efficiency, design and service. This corresponds to the guiding principle “Immer Besser” which the founders Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann printed on their first machines – and which characterises Miele to this day.
In its core business of domestic appliances, the company focuses on the sole Miele brand and its consistent positioning in the premium segment. Miele stands for long-term thinking and planning, continuity of values and goals, good relationships with customers and suppliers, as well as an employee-oriented corporate and leadership culture.

Berlin, Germany

nOa climate is a Berlin based company that develops and promotes a range of sustainable products internationally.  The company will provide THE PULSE centers with off-grid biogas systems for clean cooking and other purposes, as well as solar-powered plastic upcycling facilities as small enterprises for local entrepreneurs. 

Kigali, Rwanda

Cooking on charcoal and firewood is unhealthy, environmentally harmful and contributes negatively to climate change. Electrocook is banning this type of biomass and stimulates Clean Cooking in Rwanda with Electric Pressure Cookers (EPCs). Electrocook is the Clean Cooking initiative of East African Power.

Technical advisor

The technical advisors will provide expert knowledge and guidance in the set-up, the organization and the implementation of the business in the ground for smooth and meatless operations.

Berlin, Germany

Solarkiosk Solutions GmbH

is responsible for the implementation of the business model, incl. the technical aspects as well as the development of the platform approach, by providing blueprints, system, seconding managers, and finding international companies/organizations and connecting them to THE PULSE Rwanda Ltd.

THE PULSE business model is built on the experience of the managers and partners of Solarkiosk Solutions GmbH of establishing and operating East Africa’s largest rural retail network between 2011 and 2019 with 239 managed retail shops in 5 Sub-Sahara African countries, among others in Rwanda with 74 shops at the last mile.

Hence, Solarkiosk Solutions GmbH has developed all necessary policies and procedures as well as a Point-of- Sale (POS) system, all adapted to the retail business model in last mile, off-grid BoP communities, to ensure a proper set up and successful operations of THE PULSE.

Berlin, Germany

TSPA’s team is composed of talented urban planners, architects, urban scientists, engineers, geodata and communication experts. We deliver projects ranging from regional development to urban planning, from neighbourhood design to place-making. Our multi-disciplinary approach allows us to solve complex design issues combining rational data-driven analysis with creative methods.

Besides our extensive work with German cities, we have realised projects in five world regions: MENA (Middle East and North Africa), Sub-Saharan Africa, South-East Asia, Central Asia, Russia, and Europe. This global experience allows us to find pioneering solutions for each specific context.

Our clients include national and municipal authorities as well as the private sector. We have a long record of cooperation with international development agencies, such as UN-Habitat, GIZ and French Development Agency. With our work we develop Sustainable Development Goals into practice by integrating spatial, socio-economic, and governance dimensions. 


IT tools and IOT will be used to gather data, which is crucial for the success and the future growth of THE PULSE, such as:

  • For the core of the operations of THE PULSE, a specialized POS system, that has been developed by Solarkiosk
  • A finance software integrated into the POS system; and
  • other systems to collect important auxiliary data, such as weather monitoring, soil quality data, agricultural yield data, qualitative data, etc.

Berlin, Germany

With our community-driven data network, Groots provides access to high quality, localized data. Unparalleled customization options mean that Groots can adjust network parameters and optimize insights to any project, product, or campaign.

Karlsruhe, Germany

EcoPhi specialize in all-in-one monitoring and control solutions for solar, water and agriculture. Therefore, we have developed high-quality, robust and flexible IoT systems for challenging and harsh environments.

Our modular systems can efficiently monitor and control both small and simple, as well as large and complex plants. Sophisticated and easy-to-install boxes, matching sensors and our online platform enable you to facilitate the operation of your plants and reduce costs. Our solutions are suitable for operators, NGOs, installers, and manufacturers.

Ulm, Germany

PineBerry is a German-Kenyan service provider offering an “Everything-as-a-Service” platform for energy access players.
Our mission is to accelerate access to clean energy in emerging markets with digital services.
The PineBerry software is 100% customizable, affordable and easy to use.

How to become a partner of THE PULSE

If you wish to provide any products, services and / or technologies to THE PULSE communities, please get in touch with us, here: