Invest in THE PULSE

Invest in THE PULSE

The establishment of THE PULSE Rwanda Ltd. and registration with the Rwandan Development Board (RDB), and the finalization of the 5-years Financial Projections and the Investment Memorandum marked the completion of the pre-seed stage. Now, THE PULSE Rwanda Ltd. is seeking seed funding to implement a 2-years pilot in Rwanda by establishing five full-fledged THE PULSE Centers.

THE PULSE Pan African Growth

The 1st phase is already completed: the company THE PULSE Rwanda Ltd. has been registered with the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) in June 2021, and the business plan (incl. financial projections) has been finalized. Moreover, 69 E-HUBBs are secured and already installed at selected last mile communities (not operational yet).

In the upcoming 2nd phase a pilot of 5 THE PULSE Centers will be installed and run to prove the concept, validate the platform approach and the financial feasibility.

In the 3rd phase the remaining 64 E-HUBB sites in Rwanda will be upgraded to full-fledged THE PULSE Centers and brought into operation, as a platform for a broad range of national and

international product, service & innovative solution providers. Moreover, THE PULSE Rwanda Ltd. will break even after 3 years and generate a Return on Equity (ROE) of 15% to 20% per year.

In the phase, THE PULSE will expand beyond Rwanda to a Pan-African network of THE PULSE subsidiaries under an international holding: THE PULSE Holding Ltd.

Investment opportunity

The Pilot (Seed Stage)

In the upcoming 2.nd phase, a pilot will be implemented. 5 existing E-HUBB sites will be upgraded to THE PULSE Centers (The specific number of pilot sites derives from the fact that 5 Centers form one “Cluster”).

The co-funding of the Seed Stage will cover the co-investment into fix assets, the working capital needs and the costs of operations for 2 years.


We recently received a commitment from a funder, with a stellar reputation to fund our “Early and Growth Stage”. So there is a narrow window of opportunity for likeminded co-investors to join our project in the Seed Stage. We are looking forward to hearing from you, as soon as possible.

How to invest in THE PULSE

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